John Howkins

John Howkins is the author of books that identify major shifts in the way we think and work. Their common theme is creativity and innovation: how individuals use their personal talents and the effect on organisations and society. The Creative Economy became the standard text on creative industries. His new book Invisible Work shows how this kind of work is personal and subjective and cannot be seen. We have to manage our work’s invisibility.

Invisible Work:
The Hidden Ingredient of True Creativity, Purpose and Power

‘We no longer have the certainty of being told exactly what to do. We have to rely more on our own resources and make our own decisions. We have to take charge of our work’s invisibility. Work is becoming more personal, private, subjective, nomadic and never-ending. It is moving from observable public spheres into the private and unseen.’

From the author of The Creative Economy comes a new book on an emerging new phenomenon in the radically changing world of work.

It is based on deeply focused, value-added thinking, framing and sharing. It mixes creativity and collaboration. It is the essence of all work, whether part of a job or not, whether self-employed or a manager.

It is also the answer to the question of how we thrive in the AI era and work with – rather than be replaced by – AI.

John Howkins lays out a visionary framework for the future of work. He focuses on the ways in which we think most innovatively, how we best share our private ideas, how we make unseen connections and how we stake out our domain.


The Creative Economy:
How to Make  Money out of Idea.

Challenging people’s ambitions
Changing people’s lives
New ways of working
New business models

The classic book on the creative economy, first published in 2001 and updated in 2007 and 2013. It defines, describes and provides a practical guide to success in creativity and to the creative industries. It covers the nature of creativity, business models, intellectual property, managing a creative company, the core sectors, creative capital and more.


Creative Ecologies:
Where Thinking is a Proper Job.

A provocative mix of art, creativity, business and environmental biology. It applies our latest understanding of ecologies to show the conditions for fruitful collaboration and creativity and collaboration. It asks, Where and how do we think best? The answer is Change, Diversity, Learning and Adaptation, known as the QUAD.