John gives Talks and Lectures to a wide variety of organisations across the globe.  He holds interactive Workshops, Dialogues and Conversations with smaller groups on topics to suit their needs.  He also provides Advice and Consulting Services to organisations on specific topics.

Current Talks and Topics

The Creative Economy: Global Trends
This core service is a presentation of global trends in creativity and innovation, covering talent, technology, business models, management, deal-making, clusters, intellectual property and policy.

Creative Clusters
Creativity and innovation are more successful where a range of talents congregate together. These clusters can occur spontaneously but increasingly are sponsored and designed. John has advised numerous clusters and incubators worldwide.

Creative Audit 
National and city policy-makers are confronted by a wide range of options. The Creative Audit provides a checklist of every policy that affects how and where people live and work, from copyright to urban zoning.

This overview of copyright in the digital age covers legal and business topics (‘Copyright is the currency of the creative economy’).  John has played a major role in these since founding the Adelphi Charter on Creativity, Innovation and Intellectual Property, led by a expert commission, which proposed new principles and a ‘public interest’ test.

The Future of Work
An analysis of how creative organisations are redefining the nature of work, responding to the needs of creative talent and the growth of online networks, automation and artificial intelligence.

Global Entertainment
TV, film, video and streaming in an online world. Topics include markets, finance, production, negotiating deals and reaching audiences as well as developments in China.